Alert!8.3 September 20, 2017


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NAURA Microelectronics Equipment Co. To Acquire
Akrion Systems LLC

The capital and technology assistance of NAURA will significantly improve Akrion Systems’ strategic capabilities..

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Replacement for End-of-Life Obsolete SCP 9400/E200 Motion
Control System

The BAM motion control system built by Berkeley Process control is at end-of-life obsolescence.

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Product Enhancement: New Improved Liquid Level Sensing Technology for GAMA™ Pre-weigh Vessels

New sensing technology provides recipe driven, customer programmable dilution ratio selection controlled by volume delivered with no hardware intervention required to change ratio

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Akrion Systems proactively keeps you informed about obsolete parts so that you can maintain your fab's capabilities
and productivity. If you have questions please contact your local sales or service personnel.

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